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Katherine Broome
Charlotte, NC

January 2017

Thank you so much and my back thanks you for saving it! :)

Each morning I wake up in pain. My hips ache and my lower back feels locked. I have always wanted to invest in an expensive memory foam bed, but the price point never matched my budget. So, each year I would grab a new memory foam cover or pillow top and used it until it died. It was a quick $120 fix but within months it was wasted money.

When I started learning about the new "mattress in a box" concepts, I was so intrigued by not only the materials used but also the price. So, I dug in deeper to find the bed that was best on the market. Insert Snoozecube Bed.

I reached out to snoozecube bed to partner up with this post. I wanted to see if this new phenomenon of mattresses being shipped directly to your door were worth they hype. Were these mattresses as good as the memory foam beds from the box stores but for a fraction of the price?

First, a little backstory on me. I started having back pain around age 12 but it only got worse. During my first pregnancy I could barely walk at times so I went to get tested before the second. During these exams they learned I was developing arthritis in my spine around L2-L5. The pain was horrendous but also got me on track to getting help.

The doctors did their best in ensuring I was on the right track of healing. Although we had a great regimen figured out, it didn't stop myself from waking up exhausted and in pain. Each night I would wake up and need more sleep and some days I would sleep in until noon just to feel like I got enough sleep. 12-14 hours of sleep and I would still be exhausted.

Sleep is the most important part of being healthy. Adults should sleep an average of 8-9 hours of good sleep per night. My 12+ hours were interrupted with tossing, turning and trying to figure out if I was hot or cold. I would wake up multiple times a night to readjust.

I work from home as well. I love to just spend the morning sitting in bed, watching Netflix and answering emails. Within 30 minutes, my hips would have excruciating pain so I would need either lay down or move to my office sans Netflix and blankets.

Since sleeping on the snoozecube bed, I have gone to be at 10pm and woke up at 8am each morning - refreshed. Something I have not done in years. I have sat in bed an entire Friday working and answering emails without my hips going numb. I have gone to the chiropractor and he saw immediate results from a good night's sleep.

A good night sleep was the answer to all my issues.

It's more than just the best sleep of my life that makes me love this bed, there are some techy stuff that caught my eyes too!

1. The cover is washable. With a seven-year-old who spills things and just day to day life, I love knowing I can throw the cover into the wash to get the gross out. If it's badly damaged, then I can just order a replacement. No need to worry about a completely damaged mattress due to an accident.
2. Therma Gel Memory Foam. This is legit! I am one of those people who go from hot to cold to hot again while sleeping. Every night I would wake up almost every two hours between one extreme or the other. Since sleeping on the snoozecube bed, I don't wake up because of major temperature spikes.
3. Complete piece of mind of my purchase. This was the only mattress that had a 180-day money-back guarantee. That's crazy! A complete 6 months to ensure that this mattress is right for you? Yes please! On top of that, they have a 15 Year Full Warranty.

Oh - and the customer service. We had a few questions and had answers almost immediately. I cannot think of the last time I needed help from a big company and didn't have to jump through hoops.

I can't forget the best part. My little was jealous of our bed. He said it was like sleeping on clouds so we got one for him too. He now is a proud owner of a snoozecube bed himself. He tells everyone he meets how much he loves his new bed and that they should have one too.

Elena P.
Bend OR.

January 2017

Thank you so much and my back thanks you for saving it! :)

I have been sleeping on the SnoozeCube bed for a little more than 2 months now and I can easily say that this is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. Before sleeping on the SnoozeCube, I had an old, pretty standard spring mattress that always left me waking up every morning with a stiff neck, hips and back. I am 30 years old, and pretty active and I started developing some pretty bad back low back pain. The back pain was getting worse and worse over a period of a few weeks. Within 1 week of sleeping on the SnoozeCube, my low back pain and muscle spasms completely went away. I wear a FitBit when I sleep and I can tell you (because it keeps track of your sleep patterns) that I am actually sleeping better with less moments of restlessness and falling asleep sooner. All of this equates to more energy and feeling (physically) better! Now who doesn't want that? And my dogs love it too!

The SnoozeCube is the best bed I have ever slept on and I can't recommend it enough!

Melinda O.
Kingman, AZ

January 2017

Recovering every night

I am a grandmother that is caring for this guy. He is non ambulatory, 70lbs, so lifting this guy weighs on my back. Before I started sleeping on this awesome snoozecube mattress I tossed and turned all night trying to get comfortable but now I sleep like a baby and my back feels so much better. I highly recommend this mAttress to anyone, especially those needing a good nights sleep.

Lane K.
Mountain Brook, AL

January 2016

A skeptic that was proven wrong

We bought our Snoozecube a little over a month ago and couldn't be more pleased. It showed up on our doorstep the day after we purchased it online. I was amazed how quickly it fluffed up after we took it out of the packaging. It's been a dream to sleep on and has held its firmness very well! I was kind of skeptical about the whole bed in a box thing, but after having this bed for a few weeks I am a huge proponent of them. We loved it so much that we bought a second one to put in our guest room!

Emma Brooks
Portland, OR

December 2016

Enjoying my new mattress!!!!

The full-sized mattress is ample big for my needs and it's made with, what seems like, high quality, outer fabrics. The mattress foundation is of a memory foam material. The mattress has become more firm since taking it out of its compressed, shipping box. I am thoroughly enjoying the quality, firmness, and texture of the mattress. I would recommend any of Sleep Tight Ventures Inc.'s products and service!

Jordan Holt
Johnson City, TN

December 2016

Best bed ever

This has been the best bed I've slept on since my childhood tempurpedic. I never had to leave the house for it to get to me! It shipped quickly. I love the way it looks, as well as feels. It's quality is unrivaled without the gross smell of some memory foam beds. This is a 5 star bed without the 5 star price. I'll definitely be mentioning it go anyone who asks me about what I sleep on. Super good job with the design and everything else snoozecube!

Danny Smelcer
Dallas, TX

December 2016

We love!!

I bought a King and a double. We love!! Glad designer is a family friend-- I probably would be skeptical about it not being firm enough. It is! and it sleeps amazing! Well done!

Kevin Carrier
Anchorage, Alaska

November 2016

I really love it! I have slept amazingly and sound throughout

I've been sleeping on my snoozecubebed for about 2 weeks! So far, I really love it! I have slept amazingly and sound throughout the night (which is often hard because I have sleep issues). It's soft but also firm... I don't sink into it at all. The bed was delivered very quickly and arrived (don't be shocked) in a box that doesn't look like a mattress would fit. It quickly expanded once it came out of the air tight packaging.

Samuel Kimel
Saint SImons Island

November 2016

Amazing mattress!

I've been sleeping on this bed for the past month, and it has been nothing short of the best bed I've ever had. I've grown up on a tempurpedic and this bed matches the quality and comfort without question. It delivered super quick right to my front steps! Never even had to leave the house. It was super cool watching it expand to its full size right in front of my eyes. Definitely 5 stars for quality and price! Keep up the good work snoozecube!


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