Jamison is proud to enter the industry of gel concept beds with a new interpretation of a gel solution called JGel™. This innovative new product was created exclusively for Jamison Bedding by our supplier of fine foam for years, Carpenter. We are the first to blend gel beads into the Jamison memory foam system, which currently provides 10% more support than typical memory foams. By doing so, JGel™ will offer varying degrees of cool, comfortable slumber. With 300% more active airflow, JGel™ will be found atop of the Jamison famous “Marriott Core” in all four models. Using the core in concert with JGel™ will offer superior support and rapidly reduce painful pressure points.

JGel Memory Foam Type

JB_MattressType_JGel_Memory_FoamMost memory foam beds do not promote airflow and become warm during sleep causing disturbance in most needed rest and this is why the Pacifica and Oceania not only offer the support and comfort of memory foam but includes our innovative ventilating system along with the cooling nature of JGel™. Jamison also offers a soft and firm comfort in our Caribbean and Mediterranean with the cooling nature of JGel™.